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Scenes from Aeschylus’s Oresteia portrayed on an Apulian red-figure bell-krater. This play was first performed 458 BC.
Following his return from Tory, Agamemnon is murdered by his wife Clytemnestra, and her lover. Orestes, the son of Agamemnon seeks revenge and kills Clytemnestra. The Erinyes (also referred to as the “Furies”) pursue Orestes for revenge.
Shown is side A, where Orestes is being purified by Apollo. Visible to the left is Clytemnestra trying to awake the sleeping Erinyes.
The following section is from Peter Burian & Alan Shapiro’s The Complete Aeschylus: Volume I: The Oresteia, Oxford University Press, 2011, pages 17-18:

The ghost of Clytemnestra, who stirs the sleeping Erinyes to continue their terrifying pursuit of her murderer-son, belongs entirely to the old world of retribution. […] The punishment they promise Orestes has the balance of an accountant’s ledger:
You’ll have to pay with your own blood for hers,
you’ll feel me suck the half-caked gore out of your living flesh;
swill from your very veins the vile dregs of the drink I crave.
I’ll shrivel you up and drag you, still alive into the underworld
where you will pay in currencies of torment for the murder of your mother. 
(1300-1309/ 264-68)
For the Erinyes, Apollo’s very sanctuary is polluted by the welcome Apollo has given to the blood-stained Orestes. Orestes, on the other hand, repeatedly emphasizes the purifications he has received there. Apollo confirms that he has purged his suppliant of the stain of guilt, and Athena accepts him as “a proper suppliant who is clean, who bears/ no danger to us”. Despite all that, the Erinyes still track him by the scent of blood […].

Artifact courtesy of & currently located at the Louvre, France. Greek, possibly from Armento, Eumenides Painter, 380–370 BC. Accession number: Cp 710. Photo taken by Bibi Saint-Pol.

Stupid life update/Rant

So I didnt get the tutoring job I really really wanted. Didnt even make it to the interview round. Apparently my stupidity was evident enough fron the way I filled out the application. What really depresses me is how many people told me to work there, how many emoloyees there told me I should work there amd the administration even talked to me about applying and said id be great. So I really must have screwed up then.


Tapestry of a ball given in 1573 in Paris in honour of the Polish ambassador to celebrate the election of Henry, the king’s brother and future king of France, as king of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania. Catherine de’ Medici can be seen in black in the middle.
The Polish emissaries had been expected by many, including Gaspard de Saulx, a military leader in the Wars of Religion and the earlier wars in Italy, to be uneducated, but in fact the ones sent were multilingual and well-educated, to the extent that “a large number of the French courtiers reputed to be well-educated were left blushing and tongue-tied when the Poles addressed questions to them in Latin”. The royal family fared better, especially Marguerite who conversed with such “vivacity and grace of manner” in Latin, Italian and French that one of the emissaries, Olbracht Łaski, the voivode of Sieradz, was so smitten that he referred to her as “that divine woman” for the rest of his life. 

When my kids drive me insane I try to remember that they are all little Chandler Bings:



Dear Teenagers, 

Trust us, we know it’s hard and there are 25 things way more important right now than your school work. Please don’t ever think that us pushing you to do well in school means we are dismissing all that you have going on as “trivial teenager stuff.”

Many of us were there and really do understand that being a teenager can be the hardest time of your life. We push you because we know it will pass and want you to come out of it on top.


Your Teachers

→ When students' read about their favorite character's death:


So I’ve been reading the Great Gatsby with some of my kids. The majority of the class is completely Gatsby/Daisy and can’t wait for the end where Daisy and Gatsby run away together and leave “that asshole Tom” in the dust.

We finally got to the chapter where Wilson shoots Gatsby.

My Students:


It’s special education week as well as autism & ADHD awareness month: this post is in honor of the children AND non-children who struggle every day… 

DAMMIT! I have never been rick-rolled and BAM! happened today aghhh

I now know how i feel..lord loxely sucks butt. And Lady Mae’s character makes like 100% sense now

Mr Selfridge


I missed the premiere but im watching it online and I cant decide how I feel about Lord and Lady Loxley. 

"If contrabassoon isn’t your favorite instrument in the whole wide world then there is something wrong with you."

— me everyday (via sovereign-stallion)


parenting tip

making fun of your kid for enjoying the things they enjoy is the quickest way to make them feel so completely isolated from you that they are more comfortable talking to strangers on the internet than you about their problems